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The first time I worked out with Joe Powers I turned to my sister kelly and said, "I have never worked out that hard in my life!" Being a Hot Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, and playing sports all my life I feel Like I have definately had my share of tough workouts. Joe has that "It" factor for sure, and the second you meet him you will know what I mean. Over the past two years I have worked out with Joe, become close friends, and have had the privilage to see the way he has affected the lives of so many of his clients. He truly "walks the walk" and his positive energy and charisma by far makes him one of the most captivating trainers in the industry. He is not just about giving you a great workout, he is about making your whole life better. I challenge you to spend one hour with this man, and let him help you connect to the power that lies in each one of us.

Lauren Farina, 200hr RYT Hot Yoga Nashville, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Joe's workout programs are strategic, inventive, and performance oriented. Joe has a positive energy that is indescribable yet contagious. His workouts helped me find balance and a way to release life's daily toxins. His passion is helping people facilitate an improved, healthier lifestyle by challenging their mind, body and spirit through physical and mental conditioning. My biggest take away from training with Joe was finding inner strength to live stronger, release stress and live a peaceful life.

Liz Daniel, Promotions & Style Director, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

Joe is the most encouraging and positive force I have ever been around. He is so much more than a trainer - he wears the hat of a friend, counselor and challenger all at once. He has the ability to see your potential and pull it out of you (sometimes painfully) but creating such an indescribable sense of accomplishment and achievement. He is results driven but gets you there with some fun along the way. Nashville is blessed to have such an inspiring gem in Joe!

Courtney Schoon, Manager, Lululemon Nashville

Definitely one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Working out with Joe is incredibly challenging mentally and physically. But he makes it fun, keeps me engaged, and I leave knowing I've conquered another milestone for myself everytime. This isn't weightlifting or "going to the gym." Its an inside-out job that keeps me balanced, standing tall and feeling incredible about myself... love it.

Tim Kyne, Realtor/Co-owner, Keller/Williams Realty

Joe Powers, ugh. I love him but I hate him. I started working out with Joe before ever working out in a gym. For me exercise is slapping shoes on my feet and heading out for a run. Walking into Jim’s Gym, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After my first couple of workouts, I was sore as hell. I wasn’t quite sure if the pain I was feeling was normal. Come to find out it’s what you feel when you work your ass off. I love him because he makes me work hard and doesn’t let me wimp out on anything, but that’s the same reason I hate him; he knows when I’m slacking and trying to catch a break. Yeah, I look forward to our workouts, not only because he is energizing, positive and funny but because he’s painfully honest and makes me realize how I want to live my life. Do I want to work hard and live in my glory or do I want to go half ass and think, “well maybe next time or I could’ve but...” I’m not an elite runner, but like anyone out there who does run you know you must go to Boston. Before Joe, I tried qualifying for the dream and missed it. I can now tell you, with pride, that I’m going to Boston! What more can I say? Joe has a great approach to moving your body to give you exactly what you need and believe me, he’s creative with his approaches. Whether it’s me holding him on my back while doing calf raises or dragging him up the street with resistance bands, Joe will find a way to get you to your goals. It’s a love hate relationship, but it’s damn worth it. Thanks J.P.

Katy Lange

I have only been going to Joe for a few months, but I'm already addicted! If he ever moves out of Nashville I will hunt him down and drag him back. His workouts are painful, but quick, and effective. It's hard to burn 600 calories but I regularly do so with a Joe Powers Hour!

Ashley Heeren

When I first met Joe, I talked with him about my prior surgeries (double-mastectomy, c-section, and hysterectomy), had many excuses why I wasn't able to do specific exercises, and told him "I don't do push-ups". With Joe's support, encouragement and tough love I'm now rockin' out the push-ups on benches, using BOSU balls, with my feet hanging in mid-air via TRX bands, etc. Each workout with Joe pushes my limits physically and mentally (oh - his jokes and dance moves!). Every workout with Joe is a unique mix of cardio and building and toning muscles. Simply put, Joe kicks my ass and I (not to mention my husband!) like it. An added bonus...Joe has the utmost integrity and is courageous and kind. As a trainer and friend, he's my warrior and angel.

Mary Glenn Vreeland

I worked out with Joe Powers in LA and it's the first time I actually looked forward to going to the gym. Not only did Joe get me in the best shape of my life, he showed me how working out could be both challenging and fun. He put more energy and thought into every session than any other trainer I've seen. If he could only channel some of that energy into coming up with better jokes, he'd have the full package.

Dave Krinsky, Executive Producer King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead

I first worked with Joe a couple of years ago and then off and on until he left for Tennessee. I had just had a baby and I was in desperate need to get into shape as I was going to Hawaii. Joe Powers got me in tip top / bikini shape in just two weeks. I wish he was back in California! He is at the top of his game.

Tracie Fiss, Producer, The Tonight Show

I have been a runner (think marathons and half-marathons) for 20 years. I have been a student of hot yoga and power yoga for two years. Training with Joe has been the MOST FUN I've had working out in two decades, not to mention that the strength I have already gained from our sessions, which has improved the quality of my running and my all around strength and physical comfort while exercising. I was hesitant about committing the dollars as I had never spent a whole lot on my exercise, but every dollar is worth it and the hour is up before I can blink. Training with Joe is a must for anyone who wants to improve upon their strength, and take it to a new level, inside and out. (And yes, I was psyched when even my neighbor noticed the difference in my body after only five sessions!)

Laurie Rice, Rabbi

My journey with Joe started after becoming pregnant...I wanted to find a trainer and training program that would help me to work toward my fitness goals in a safe and comfortable environment. Training with Joe was an absolutely amazing experience - both pre and post baby! His patience, knowledge and coaching allowed me to continue to train throughout my pregnancy and after - helping me to look and feel stronger than ever - and get back into shape, post baby, faster than I had imagined! The workouts were always fresh and new and packed with high energy and positive feedback - which made each workout fly by. He has since moved away from Los Angeles, but I continue to practice what I learned from him and would highly recommend him to the lucky people in Nashville! Thanks Joe!

Vikki Radow, Senior Vice President, Mobilize

I started training with Joe about two years ago. I’m 43 years old and look better than I did 25 years ago when I was a serious, competitive swimmer in college. Joe combines a great knowledge of physiology and muscle structures with personalized enthusiasm for your goals to get you where you want to be. He makes it his business to be up to date on all of the latest tools and techniques for getting the most out of a 45-60 minute workout, and puts it all together with a great sense of humor and fun. I would recommend Joe’s services to anyone who is truly interested in improving his or her fitness level.

Dave Vreeland, Partner, Cumberland Consulting Group

The first time I saw Joe he was in a yoga class next to me. I have to say I couldn't keep my eyes off his perfect body. Don't get me wrong, I am a happily married woman, but who doesn't appreciate a fit, strong, athletic body! It is exactly what I want in the female form!

I had taken a break from training regularly, but when I met Joe, I decided I wanted to make a commitment to work out consistently again. I missed the feeling of being in great shape. I have always been active. I played sports in school, and have continued to train on and off my entire life. But I was in a rut and I needed to get it back together. I decided just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I need to settle for mediocre - I want to be the best I can be, and never give up feeling HOT!

So my friend and I decided to train together with Joe twice a week. We absolutely LOVE it. I honestly have to say that I look forward to working out with him. I don't want to miss a session. It has been fantastic for my body, but also my self confidence, I feel great!

The workouts with Joe are no joke, they are hard ass! I've been doing all kinds of crazy stuff that has been kicking my butt! But no matter how strenuous the workouts, I never feel like I am in danger of being injured. Joe knows his craft inside and out. He is a real pro and positive results are his priority. Don't expect him to carry around a clipboard, mumbling your rep count for the same 6 exercises over and over and over again. Every day is new with Joe. It is NEVER the same workout, I think that is what makes Joe an exceptional trainer, I never know what's coming next, I'm NEVER bored or watching the clock. Sometimes I may feel like I'm going to puke, but that is a true sign I'm getting my money's worth. And the very best part is I'm having a BLAST! Joe has done wonders for my body and my mind. I can't recommend him enough.

Ashley Hylbert, Photographer

Working as a professional actor, your body becomes a tool in order to compete for roles, so staying fit is not just a lifestyle, it becomes your job. Often I find myself in a rut, lacking the motivation necessary to keep that edge. I found myself doing the same old routine without any drive. Since training with Joe, I've discovered a "renewed" love for health and fitness. Joe brings a tremendous amount of energy, enthusiasm and experience to every workout. I am constantly challenged by the new exercises. Not only do I feel motivated, I find that I'm pushing myself to go further than I've ever gone before. He's also taught me that being physically and EMOTIONALLY fit are as equally important. Not only does he train your body, he trains your mind. Whatever your specific fitness goals are, Joe will provide you with the proper knowledge, guidance, and support to help you achieve them in a fun, motivating way that will keep people like me from feeling like it's a job. His personality and wit are addictive and I end up getting a bonus ab workout with each session from laughing so much! After meeting him you'll understand. He clearly has a passion for fitness and improving the quality of people's lives, but most of all, Joe's a good person and it shows in his work. Not only will you find an amazing trainer, you'll realize you've made a new best friend. Whether I book that next job or not, I'll at least have the tools and the confidence I need and I have Joe to thank for that! Thanks Joe, you ROCK!!!!

Sean Michael Arthur, Actor/Producer

I am not one for working out in a gym but when a friend of mine in CA told me that Joe was now living in Nashville and that I should work out with him....I gave it a go. I have a temperamental knee and Joe is great at accommodating me with every work out. I actually enjoy my sessions and look forward to the next one. He is friendly and fierce at the same time, I get my allowed 4 minutes of rest during my 60 minute workout and he uses the time well, never doing the same routine twice.

Dr. Dina Morrison, DS, Performance Chiropractic

I’ve had the privilege of spending 3 months absorbing the knowledge from a brilliant personal trainer, Joe Powers. When my schedule no longer allowed the time to meet with him, I just took a leap out on my own to try my hand at recreating a similar workout. One that blends athleticism, functional strength and cardiovascular strength. My goal is to be evenly strong, functionally strong, able and fit. I used to run a lot, but after hearing story after story of how much long-term harm it has done to so many knees and heels - I’m looking to get my cardio in my cushy trainers on a cushy floor. I like to have fun – it’s the biggest thing I learned from Joe. We get sick and weak from lack of motion and movement - so I go to the gym, and do my basics back to back with small breaks when I absolutely need to, keep my heart rate up, and powerhouse squats, pushing, pulling, lunging and leaping. Basically I try to move my body in as many ways as possible and increase with as much weight as possible. Every day it gets better. Right now, I’m working out 3 times a week, and all because I decided to give Joe's workouts a try. He gave me the jump start I needed, and taught me the basics. Those basics that most people do not know, and it has to be taught - not told. It’s fun! I’m excited to practice, study and learn more and share as I do. My time and investment with Joe was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made, and definitely the most impacting!

Joren Dunnavant, City Planner, Lebannon TN

My husband started working out with Joe before I did. He was always talking about how great the workout sessions were, so I had to see for myself. He was right!!! Joe did a great job personalizing my workouts so that they met my needs. Every session was different and creative. He pushed me when I needed it, but in a safe and fun manner.

Page Hart, Yoga Teacher, Sanctuary for Yoga

I worked out three days per week with Joe for about a year (had to stop for personal reasons). He came to our house early mornings, was never late and was always pleasant. Joe pushed me through his creative paces, but was always sensitive to my limitations. I am confident saying Joe got the best out of me that I had to give, and I would highly recommend him to anyone that asked.

Rodes Hart, Commercial Real Estate Investor/Executive

After living off of the fitness from my youthful years, I finally blew a tire and both shocks at the same time. As an avid tennis player that was slowly reconditioning over time, I detached some abdominal muscles and suffered from pain in both hips from labrum tears. I got the sports hernia reattached because there was no alternative, but had no interest in getting my hips cut if I could avoid it. Thinking I could play through the hip pain, I tested my new gut stitches only to tear my triceps muscle in my right arm. It was a strange injury with no pain but left me unable to do one push up.

When I first connected with Joe, my cardio fitness was decent because I kept running a few a days a week. I looked healthy and pretty fit but it was deceiving because I had lost so much muscle. I couldn't touch my ankles let alone my toes because my low back was so stiff from my muscles protecting my hips. I couldn't do ten push-ups or bench press more than 20lb dumbbells and I was gassed after doing 20 crunches. I was broken unlike ever before. After working with Joe for 10 months I can touch my toes; I have no low back pain or hip pain; I'm back to doing 60 pushups after my runs and I can crunch until the cows come home. I'm back playing tennis (with a little more control to avoid the risk of injury). I have regained about 10lbs of muscle which has resulted in pushing my insulation layer into a little pooch that we're working on…"have to cut back on the wine a bit, damn!"

Joe is my inspiration and our routines are anything but that. Every week is something new that works all those little muscles that support our bodies. I feel tight; my energy level is way up and my strength is back. I am now working on increasing my cardio so I can keep the bulk under control from the strength training. I feel so fortunate to have Joe, who is an "LA" top trainer, right here in the neighborhood. If you really want to feel better and regain your fitness, call Joe and make it happen. And, for what it's worth, unless I have to travel for work, I will not sacrifice my workouts with Joe for anything because I have figured out that if I'm not 100% I cannot perform 100%. Best in Health!

Darren Hodgdon, President of Provider Markets, Healthways